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Hilda Whelan - Mayor


It has been my pleasure to have served the Town of Whitbourne as previous deputy mayor and presently mayor.  Our council consists of six of the finest hard working councillors our citizens could elect.  They do a splendid job of taking care of the town affairs.  We employ a town clerk and an assistant who is courteous and helpful to citizens and council.  We also employ three outside workers and part time employees when necessary who will accommodate and help our citizens where possible.

It is an exciting time to be mayor of this town.  Our town is growing, some growth due to the proximity of the Bull Arm and Long Harbour work sites.  Our town being just a 40 minute drive from St. John's is quite suitable for young citizens who work in the city.

Whitbourne has a scenic retirement area that has many beautiful homes and cottages.  This area is close to the trailway that offers various types of recreation.  The trailway borders a wetland conservation area that assures citizens that this scenic wilderness area will not be developed in the future years.

Our town has a water and sewer system, garbage collection that is serviced by its outside workers and office staff. Our town has many other services to offer its citizens such as an Elementary School, Newhook's Medical Clinic, Scotia Bank, RCMP detachment, library, stadium, restaurants, convenience stores and grocery stores, a Lions Club, Senior Association, churches and a senior apartment complex.

Our town also has a volunteer roster of over 30 of the best trained, equipped and dedicated young firemen in this province.  Their fire truck protects not only our homes against fire, their fully equipped rescue vehicle with the jaws of life saves many lives on the surrounding highways. Council assures our firemen of our support to maintain their training and equipment is up to date not only for our citizens protection but theirs' also.

Our town also has a volunteer Sports and Recreation Commission.  The chairperson and members coordinate our summer playground programs for our children.  They help manage staff and programs for our playground and ball park.  We are currently working together to develop a new recreation area.  They also coordinate a great group of Cadets.

Several large plan developments have been approved by our council.  We are very fortunate to have developers of excellent calibre such as Gosse Development, Carwood Estates and Aurora Property Management.  These developments are in the early development stages.  They consist of over 300 homes, a fully serviced RV park and an industrial area.

As mayor of the Town of Whitbourne, I am thankful to have the opportunity to help improve our town for our citizens and future growth.

Hilda Whelan

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