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The museum is located in the old railway station, which also houses the Town Council. The museum occupies half of the building and holds many artifacts and information of Whitbourne's past.

From the once beautiful Grange, there are many artifacts, as a sale took place before the building was demolished. There's a billiards table, canoe, desk, record cabinet, as well as many other items. There is also a gorgeous small-scale representation of the Grange in the centre of the museum.

There's other memorabilia in the museum from the railway. Although there are actually no ruins from trains, there are lanterns and other artifacts from these machines that passed through the town.

As a memorial to those who fought in World War I and II, Mr. John Gosse and his wife, Mary, travelled to Beaumont Hamel to visit the graves of those from Whitbourne. There are five graves and their pictures are shown in the museum; as well as World War I and II weapons and a very old Union Jack flag.

Although the Markland Cottage Hospital was in a different community, it provided service to the surrounding areas. In the museum, there's a dentist chair from the old hospital.

In addition to all of this, there are just old artifacts from the town that have been collected from the citizens of Whitbourne.

Also in the museum, there is a small room which provides extra insight about Whitbourne's history. Binders contain information about families, old buildings and historical significance in the town. A video is available there to watch on Whitbourne's past.

Although Whitbourne has lost a huge chunk of history, much of it is preserved in the museum. This is an excellent place to visit to learn about Whitbourne.

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